Employment & Labour Law ›

We offer counseling and litigation services for employers and employees in all aspects of (international) employment law and labor relations. Our employment attorneys are true specialists and have extensive experience in their field. They are member of multiple employment law associations, including the Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN). This is a mark of quality as VAAN membership is only open to employment lawyers who have finished postgraduate employment law education and have at least 5 years of working experience in the field of employment law. It further requires mandatory annual employment law courses to stay fully updated and a legal practice based on at least 50% employment law.

Real Estate Law ›

We advise and litigate in all areas of Real Estate Law with a focus on Construction Law.

Administrative law ›

At BON LEGAL we offer counseling and litigation services for companies and individuals at all judicial authoritative sources and courts of administrative law in proceedings against (local) governmental authorities, including but not limited to administrative enforcement, penalties, permits, subsidies, objections and appeals.